Bowl of Soup…6

Ask your server today’s selection

Pita & Hummus…5

Housemade hummus with toasted pita bread

Deviled Eggs…5

Topped with bacon(2), paprika(2) & pickled jalapeno(2).


Choice of:

Pulled pork, Alabama white barbeque sauce

Sloppy Joe Slider

Falafel with labneh, lettuce, feta, onion and cucumber.

Soft Pretzels…7

Served warm with house made apple butter, Dijon mustard & cheese sauce for dipping.

Meat & Cheese Board…14

Two cured meats served with two artisan cheeses, toast, pickled vegetables, olives & mustard.


Ricotta cheese, rosemary ham, spinach, red peppers, artichokes

Mezze Platter…12

Falafel ,hummus, pita, roasted red pepper, olives, feta, cucumber and artichokes